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RemoteUtility is a complimentary tool designed to enhance the experience for BU users by facilitating remote services. Traditionally, users needed to establish a VPN and schedule a session convenient for both the coder and the client to remotely access the client's PC to code features.

BimmerUtility's Backup Editor, combined with RemoteUtility's backup tool capable of reading and writing backup files, eliminates the need for remote sessions. Clients can generate a backup file using RemoteUtility at no cost and send it to their coder via email. The coder can then use BU’s Backup Editor to code features, adjust the FA, and inject cafds & VO code modules as though they were directly connected to the car. After modifying the backup file, the coder simply emails it back to the client, who then uses RemoteUtility to write the backup.

RemoteUtility supports reading and writing backup files at no additional cost, so your customers only need to pay for your coding services.

The application also servers as a remote enet tool for those who prefer remote sessions, and features an FSC patcher for activating carplay, sirius XM and other features on EVO headunits and EntryNav Evo headunits.


• Remote Enet : Forward enet traffic over vpn in one click.
• Backup Tool: Read and write backup files.
• Fsc Patcher: Activate CarpLay, Sirius XM and other features on Evo headunits.

Want a customized version of RemoteUtility branded for your company? Contact us!

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